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Bitnami Support Mar 26 Announcements

From  01:15am-02:15am (US Pacific Time)

The Bitnami Cloud Hosting console will be unavailable during a brief period of time on Tuesday, March 31st as part of a major upgrade to our infrastructure.

Please note that while the Bitnami Cloud Hosting console will not be available, all of your servers will continue to operate normally and you can still access them via the AWS console. Thank you for your patience as we improve Bitnami Cloud Hosting!

Will it affect my machines ?
You will not have access to the Bitnami Cloud Hosting console during this scheduled maintenance, however, your machines will continue to operate normally. If you need to access your machines during this brief period of downtime, you can do so via SSH. If you need to start or stop the server immediately, you can do so from the AWS console directly. Please note that any server schedules that you have in place for starting, stopping and backing up your servers at specific times will not be affected - servers should start/stop/backup on schedule. In the rare event that we had to take the server scheduling offline, any scheduled tasks will be completed immediately when the service is resumed.

System status
You can check the status of Bitnami Cloud Hosting on our announcements page: http://helpdesk.bitnami.com/forums/302698-announcements or you
can follow our twitter account, @bitnami.

As always, if you run into any issues you can contact us through our helpdesk http://helpdesk.bitnami.com/home